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Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Vignette - Toll Stickers. Answer
2.   How can I travel around Slovenia by public transport? Answer
3.   Schengen area in Slovenia. Answer
4.   Slovenian take-over of the Euro as of the year 2007. Answer
5.   How do I get from Italian airports (Trieste, Venice) to the Slovenian coast? Answer
6.   How do I get from Airport Jože Pučnik to Ljubljana or Kranj? Answer
7.   How do I get from the Austrian airports (Klagenfurt, Graz) to Slovenia? Answer
8.   How do I get from the Croatian airports (Zagreb, Pula) to Slovenia? Answer
9.   How can I pay in Slovenia? Answer
10.   What are the average prices of some basic foods in shops or restaurants in Slovenia? Answer
11.   I am interested in your border formalities. Answer
12.   What documents must a child have to enter Slovenia? Answer
13.   What documents are needed if traveling by car? Answer
14.   What do I need to rent a car? Answer
15.   What is needed if traveling by motor-home? Answer
16.   Prices for transport by taxi. Answer
17.   How to say in Slovene? Answer
18.   I am a journalist. Can you provide some answers for me? Answer
19.   Can you send me the tourist catalogue which interests me by mail? Answer
20.   Where can I obtain more information about Slovenia, its history, culture and people? Answer
21.   Where can I obtain additional tourist information when arriving in Slovenia? Answer
22.   Where can I obtain information about the events in Slovenia? Answer